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Shelly Horton

Shelly Horton
Hay Fever Help

Shelly Horton is one of Australia's leading lifestyle and media commentators. She's in the spotlight but many people don't realise that Shelly has suffered with hay fever symptoms throughout her whole life.

This year she's on a mission to help others affected by hay fever get their condition under control.

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Hay Fever Types

What kind of hay fever do you have?




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Tried it all hay fever?
Try a doctor!

It's the kind of hay fever that sticks around despite your best efforts.

You may have tried over-the-counter pharmacy products, natural remedies and even acupuncture. You've probably used remedies suggested by friends or suggestions you've found on the internet. These may be effective for some people, but right now nothing seems to be working for you, right?

It's 'tried-it-all' hay fever.

In recent consumer research, 53% of people had never consulted a doctor for their hay fever symptoms1. So is it time to try something different?

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Hay Fever Blog

Hear personal hay fever stories. #hayfeverhelp

The views expressed by Shelly, Kate, and Monty, are of their personal experiences with hay fever and are not intended to represent the views of all patients.  The opinions shared do not constitute professional advice on the management of hay fever and viewers should seek independent advice from their healthcare professional.

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