What kind of hay fever do you have?


Is spring your danger zone?

Itchy nose, eyes, palate? Puffy eyes? Explosive sneezing? Watery eyes and dripping nose?1, 2, 3 Does it feel like you can't enjoy outdoor activities because your hay fever symptoms will flare up? Your healthcare professional can recommend ways to help manage and treat your intermittent hay fever so you can love spring again.


Does hay fever have you at its mercy all year long?

Snoring, chronic tiredness, ear and sinus infections? Disturbance to sleep, leisure, school or work activities?1, 2 These may be symptoms of persistent hay fever.

Persistent hay fever can be mistaken as a permanent cold and treated incorrectly1.

Talk to your healthcare professional about confirming your diagnosis and discuss ways to help manage and effectively treat your hay fever all year round Try a doctor